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An introduction to our agency and insurance.

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Browse our collection of videos designed to introduce our agency and values, in addition, to helping you understand your insurance better. Get the information you need to answer commonly asked questions, learn about your options, and find out how insurance works to protect what matters most to you.

Our Agency Videos
Our BIG Mission

Why we do what we do in our industry for our clients.

Helping Clients Achieve Goals

Jacob McGill, Samantha Zimmerman, and Terri Jewel discuss how BIG helps clients achieve their goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Samantha Zimmerman discusses how we assist clients as an agency and strive to make them happy.

Customer Relationships

Ben Byrne, John Anderson, and Jim Gross discuss the clients we serve in all lines of insurance within BIG.

Anthem Enhanced Choice

Individual health plan that you apply for once and you receive 36 months of coverage. It includes a choice of six different plans.

Health Coverage After Job Loss

We understand this is a challenging time for many. You have options to gain coverage after a qualifying event, such as job loss.

What is Go365?

Are you a Go365 member? Learn more about the program and how you can participate.

Introducing Go365

Learn more about Go365, Humana’s workplace wellness program. Earn rewards for healthy behaviors.

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