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Employee Wellness Program

Help your employees stay healthy and attract or retain your employees.

Employee wellness program designed by Byrne Insurance Group.

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When you design and manage an employee wellness program, it can improve the health and productivity of employees. It can also improve the overall cost of your employee benefits plans. As health insurance costs increase, the importance of employee health should be considered. We can help you implement wellness programs that benefit both the employee’s health and improves your bottom line.

What is an employee wellness program?

An employee wellness program can be defined as an organized, employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees (and, sometimes, their families) as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line,” according to an article in Harvard Business Review.

Benefits of the employee wellness program:
  • It can encourage healthier behavior among the employees and reduce health risks.
  • Exercise can also improve your overall mood and productivity.
  • A reduction in the employer’s healthcare costs
  • It helps companies attract and retain talent.
What is Humana’s Go365 Program?

Go365 is a wellness and rewards program that allows your employees to earn awesome rewards for healthy activities like workouts, preventative exams, and more.

  • Biometric Screenings—Help boost your workforce’s wellbeing with comprehensive medical screening that help your employees identify and address potential health concerns.
  • Health Coaching—Go365 always rewards your employees for engaging with certain health coaching programs. Coaching may assist your employees with health topics like managing weight and stress, quitting smoking, and developing healthy eating habits.
  • Engagement Source—The self-service portal includes resources to plan, promote, and implement worksite wellness initiatives—and maximize employee participation in Go365 Access educational materials and templates, webinars, and facilitate company challenges all in one spot.
What is Go365?
Introducing Go365

Go365 Five-Year Study showed that highly engaged employees participated in wellness and rewards programs. Click to see programs offered.

 If you’re interested in learning a bit more about employee wellness programs, our employee benefits experts can help you to determine if it might be a good fit for your business.

Employee Wellness Program - Employees Performing Their Morning Fitness Routine for a Healthier Lifestyle Outdoors at Sunrise

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